Unlocking the Potential of Blockchain technology

Why Blockchain will change the world? Some of its benefits are data security, authentication, transparency, disintermediation and assets tokenisation.

Bringing blockchain to the masses.

BCD Assets is a blockchain and crypto consulting company based in the UK. We are focused on the Applications and Services of Blockchain.

BCD Assets helps you rapidly simplify blockchain complexity to utilise it, unlock new value and scale up competitive advantages.

Our Services

Storing Crypto

Storing cryptocurrency is no easy feat – we train you in all you need to know to store and manage your crypto securely, away from prying eyes and ears.

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Blockchain applications in the public sector can deliver real benefits for government clients: Building trust, protecting data, and reducing costs.

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Internet of Value

Blockchain allows assets to be transferred between parties, with no middleman – value will be able to move around the world as information does.

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Why is investing in Crypto so important for the future?

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The safest and most popular technology for investing and storing cryptocurrencies and money. A cryptocurrency wallet is a device, physical medium, program or a service which stores the public and/or private keys and can be used to track ownership, receive or spend cryptocurrencies. These are all stored in a public ‘blockchain’ effectively preventing fraud.


Blockchain enables governments to process large amounts of information with minimum delay, maximum uptime, as well as reducing traditional running costs associated with current technology,


In healthcare, the ability to transfer information between different providers and healthcare centres is cruical, especially in times of treatment where it is paramount that doctors are aware of patients needs before attempting treatment. In addition, blockchain ensures such sensitive information is passed on securely.


For use as a form of identification, blockchain allows individuals to control when, where and with whom they share their credentials. A secure, smart way to do this has been long missing in the digital world, and blockchain is about to change that.

Internet of Things

The internet of things allows all important devices and machines in your life to be interconnected to better function with each other. Blockchain further enhances IOT and opens up a world of possibilities, so we can turn from having smart homes, to smart cities.

Internet of Value

Blockchain technology, allows assets to be transferred from one party directly to another, with no middleman. The transfer is validated, permanent, and completed instantly. At last value will be able to move around the world as information does.


By allowing policy holders and insurers to track and manage physical assets digitally, blockchain technology can codify business rules and automate claims processing through smart contracts, while providing a permanent audit trail.

Real Estate

Blockchain technology will allow for the democratization of real estate properties. It will open up the gates for potential investors from across the world to try their hand in real-estate investment.

Smart Contracts

A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties, ensuring no tampering or malicious acting.

Supply Chain

From smaller wholesalers to global enterprise companies in product supply and distribution, every organization’s supply chain faces the same hazards and obstacles. Blockchain ensures rationalized processes, transparent operations, and full asset control.


The progress of AI is completely dependent on the input of data — our data. Through data, AI receives information about the world and things happening on it. Basically, data feeds AI, and through it, AI will be able to continuously improve itself.

On the other side, blockchain is essentially a technology that allows for the encrypted storage of data on a distributed ledger. It allows for the creation of fully secured databases which can be looked into by parties who have been approved to do so. When combining blockchains with AI, we have a backup system for the sensitive and highly valuable personal data of individuals.

Converting cryptocurrency into a tangible business

What makes blockchain different?


The interlinked nature of blockchain ensures no one source or person is solely responsible, so your service cannot crash or be taken down.


Blockchain technology eliminates the possibility of human error and manipulation as there is no single entity that has authority over the system

Lightning Fast

Blockchain technology is extremely rapid, and allows for transactions to happen internationally in the blink of an eye

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