How to buy Bitcoin & store it safely

How to store cryptocurrencies safely

Complete purchasing, secure storage & training service


  • One-to-One Training up to 7 Hours
  • Hardware Wallet
  • Physical Cold Store for Wallet
  • Purchasing at your location of a cryptocurrency of your choosing

‘Not your keys, not your coins’

“Not your keys, not your coins” is a saying that gets passed around a lot in this space. What it means is that if you store your crypto assets on an exchange or with any kind of third-party custodian, you have no guarantee of ownership.

Simply – if it’s not stored on your device/computer – it isn’t yours! Why buy cryptocurrency, just to let it get stolen later on?

After at least seven high-profile cryptocurrency exchange hacks in 2019 alone, storing your currency outside of your own home is no longer a safe, viable option.

But it’s not only hackers that are after your Bitcoin. What happens if the exchange goes bust or its accounts are frozen by a regulator? Inside jobs, exit scams, Ponzi schemes, and even a suspicious death made up the lion’s share of the £4 billion loss in cryptocurrency crime in 2019.

Why is investing in Crypto so important for the future?

*Compared from launch to the highest recorded value


Bitcoin Value Increase


XRP Value Increase

Don’t become a statistic.

Proper storage of private keys has become one of the biggest issues in the space of late. According to a Chainalysis study from 2017, between 30 to 50% of all Bitcoin will likely be lost and out of circulation due to users losing their private keys. More recent polling uncovered that almost one-fifth of all cryptocurrency holders have lost digital assets due to mismanaged wallets.

With more than 50 million digital wallets in existence, do we really know that we’re managing them correctly?


We are here to help you step-by-step to purchase your desired cryptocurrency and store it safely.  We will teach you everything from A-Z on how to purchase your cryptocurrencies and store them safely and correctly.

We will come to you anywhere in the UK for £999. For security, we prefer to come to you at your own home as our store in Bournemouth center is very busy and the recovery seeds backup needs to be handled very safely. Our staff who will come to your house will have no mobile phone on them or any other recording devices.

Here is what’s included:

  • All our travel costs
  • Up to 7 hours of training (yes it will take hours to set you up correctly and safely) including opening your account with an exchange and how to use your hardware wallet
  • Brand new sealed Nano Ledger X
  • Stainless steel seed phrases backup for the cryptocurrency cold wallet (Nano Ledger)


You will receive:

Ledger Nano X

The Ledger Nano X is the pinnacle of hardware wallets – you truly the only one in control of your assets. All your data remains protected on a custom engineered Ledger chip that is secure from hacking. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to buy as well as transfer funds on the go, without having to use a computer as with many other wallets.

Cold Storage Wallet

For an extra layer of security, in the unlikely event that your Ledger Nano X fails, you are provided with backup words that can restore your wallet. However, most people make the mistake of writing the words on paper – so they are not protected from fire, water or general wear – we will provide a solid steel wallert to store these backup words!

Up to 7 Hours Training

We will provide up to 7 hours of training at a location of your choice, to bring you up to speed on all you need to know to safely deal with crypto without putting yourself at unnecessary risk. This includes demonstrating how to purchase crypto, store it safely, as well as even restoring it in the event of your hardware wallet failing.

Nationwide Travel

Included in the £999 fee, we will travel to anywhere in mainland U.K; England, Scotland and Wales, as well as arrange for any accomodation should you want us to travel at a late time convenient to yourself. This service quite literally includes all you need to get started in the world of crypto safely, from the comfort of your own home.

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